How to use Merch Keywords

by Doug Berg | Last Updated: August 26, 2020

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How to use Merch Keywords

In this Merch by Amazon tutorial I’ll be going through my process for creating a product listing on Merch by Amazon. How to use Merch Keywords in your listings to make sure you’re not breaking the rules. Amazon gives us 5 fields to enter text. We have: Title Brand Name Bullet point 1 Bullet point 2 Product Description The process begins before we even create a design. Finding relevant keywords is part of the research process. You need to know that designs in the niche are selling and what keywords the successful designs are using. If you’re doing manual research then you need to write down the relevant keywords.

If you’re using Merch Informer to do your research then you can just refer back to your favorites when it comes time to write your listings. For this video let’s assume I just wrote down a list of keywords. I’ll carefully craft my title, brand and bullets using as many keywords as possible while also writing in plain English. There’s no need to stuff keywords in lists or use funny language gymnastics to try to circumvent the copyright and trademark rules. Just use the keywords you’ve identified to the best of your ability.

What about product descriptions?

The one place I don’t use any keywords is the product description. This section can display if your listing is viewed in a google search, and it is visible on the product page on amazon. But I don’t believe that it impacts the search results on Amazon and I also don’t think customers are reading the descriptions anyway.

It’s very unlikely that a product description will help your product sell. But it might get you in trouble with copyright or trademarks if you’re not careful. I like to minimize the amount of text I need to verify isn’t breaking the rules. To me that means don’t bother with product descriptions.

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