If you’re looking to find out how to upload your artwork to Redbubble then stick around. I’m going to show you how to upload your art to Redbubble Step by Step.  Make sure you read until the end of this article because I’m also going to show you how you can automate the whole process.

I’m Doug from merch metrics.com, welcome back to another article. If you’re looking to get started earning passive income on Redbubble then you came to the right place. Also remember to subscribe for more tutorial videos just like this one, OK. Lets jump right into it. If you’re not sure and want to know exactly how much you can make on Redbubble check out my article here.

Prepare your artwork to upload

I’m going to assume you already have a piece of artwork that you want to upload. If you aren’t sure what type of designs to create or you’re not quite sure how then check out this video in the card above for how to research niches to create designs in. The only other thing you need to get started is a free Redbubble account. 

Keep in mind that “Artwork” doesn’t necessarily mean a drawing, painting or photograph. You could be uploading a simple text design that incorporates a phrase, funny saying or brand. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy.

Login to Redbbuble or Create an Artist Account

Go ahead and head over to Redbubble.com. If you don’t already have an account then create one right up here in the top right hand corner of the page. Click the link that says “Sell your art”, click Get started and then complete the simple signup form. Redbubble doesn’t allow you to change your username so make sure you’re happy with what you pick before you complete this step.

Once you log in you’ll want to complete the rest of your profile. Take a few minutes and fill in your artist profile. Stick around if you’ve already done this part because in the next section I’ll be showing you exactly how to upload a piece of art and put it on different physical products.

Clear as mud? Check out my free Redbubble tutorial

If you’re looking for something a bit more detailed on exactly how Redbubble works and how to get started I have a whole tutorial series that you can find right here. It’s a complete free course I created here on YouTube. Ok, let’s get back to uploading.

Step by Step Redbubble Upload Process

Step 1: Add New Work

Now that you’re logged into your Redbubble account you’ll want to click on “Add New Work”.

This will take you to a screen with two options, either upload new artwork or copy existing work. Clicking “Upload new work” will open up a popup where you can navigate to your artwork on your computer. Select the file you want to upload and click “Open”.

Step 2: Add Title, Tags and Description

This will take you to a new screen where you can put in the product description for your artwork pick which products your artwork will look best on.

This Article is more about the upload process. Check out my YouTube channel for videos that are just about tagging and writing titles and descriptions. The short version is you want to use keyword rich titles and select some less competitive tags. Make sure your products have the best chance to get found in Redbubble Search. As you scroll down the page you’ll see that there is a huge list of products that you can apply your design to. Clicking the green “Enabled” button will disable a design and clicking the grey “disabled” button will turn a product on.

Step 3: Customize the Appearance of your Work

Select the product you want to customize and click “Edit”

Each product you enable needs to be edited to look it’s best. Click the Edit button and you’ll get a new pop-up window. Options appear for that product as well as some controls to make it easy to resize or move your design around on the product. On the first tab you can change the default colors and cycle through each product that matches this mockup. You can also size your artwork with the slider as well as change the print from the front to back.

Clicking on the second checkmark tab allows you to select or de-select specific products in that category and change profit margins. There’s a better way to change prices so I don’t usually change the profit margins for individual items. You may want to add your designs to kids clothing though and this is how you’d do that.

Keep Working Down the Page And Edit Each Product

Scroll down the page selecting or deselecting products and updating the sizing or placement until you reach the bottom of the page. There are only a couple steps left to complete listing a product. You need to select the type of media your design belongs in, select any collections you want your design to appear in. Collections are a way to organize you shop and keep different related designs together in one place. Check out my video on creating your collections if you need help with that step. You can always go back and add your work to a collection later.

Step 4: Identify your Work Categories and Tag Adult Content

Step 5: Save Work

The last step is Redbubble know if your work is intended for adult audiences and certify that you own the rights to your work. Select and answer for each question and then click “Save Work” and you’re done. You’ve just uploaded artwork to your Redbubble shop. You’re finished but your work might not be visible on Redbubble for about 15 minutes.

Creating and uploading work is only half the battle on Redbubble. To get regular consistent sales you also need to make sure you’re using good tags and keywords for your designs. Check out this video which demonstrates a great new tool to find trending niches on Redbubble.

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