Every T-Shirt Business Needs Great Equipment

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best budget flash dryer for screen printing we picked the 110V Flash Dryer for Screen Printing Flash Cure for Screen Printing.

A t-shirt printing business is only as good as its equipment. When it comes to choosing the best flash dryer for screen printing, it’s important for any t-shirt printing entrepreneur to find a quality product that won’t break the bank.

That’s why I’ve compiled this comprehensive list of screen printing flash dryers. Hopefully, this will arm you with the information you need to make the right selection when you decide to invest in this valuable tool.

How does the T-Shirt Screen Printing Process Work?

Before we look at the screen printing flash dryer, it’s important to understand where the flash dryer fits into the entire t-shirt screen printing or silk printing process. Let’s take a closer look at the entire screen printing process.

Step 1: Create the Design

The first important step is to figure out what type of design you want on your finished t-shirt. The art or graphic design can be printed out onto a transparent film made of acetate which will be used to create a stencil. This is the creative part of the process that will determine what type of finished product your process will create. 

Step 2: Prep the Screen

The next part of the process is to select the proper mesh screen or fabric for your project. Which type of screen you need depends on the complexity of the design and also on the weight and/or texture of the t-shirt material 

Once you have chosen the right mesh screen, it’s covered with a light-reactive emulsion. These chemicals will harden when developed to create the t-shirt design.

Step 3: Expose the emulsion chemicals

Once the acetate material with the design printed is applied to the screen which is now covered with the emulsion, the set up is placed under a very bright light which hardens the emulsion.

After this, the parts of the screen which actually have the design stay in a liquid form. For multi-colored projects, you have to use a separate screen for each layer of ink. Lining up the stencil perfectly to create a multi-colored design can be tricky. 

Step 4: Wash the emulsion and create the stencil

Once the screen setup has been exposed to the light for a sufficient amount of time, the unhardened parts of the emulsion are washed away, hopefully leaving a nice stencil for the ink to pass through. 

Step 5: Prep for printing and pressing the ink

Now, we finally get to printing the t-shirt. The screen setup goes onto a printing press. Then, the t-shirt is laid flat onto the printing board, beneath the screen. The screen is lowered down onto the printing board.

Now it’s time for the ink, which is usually applied with a squeegee. Using a squeegee allows the ink to be fully pulled along the screen, pressing over the stencil. 

Step 7: Drying and finishing

Now that the shirt has been printed, the ink needs to be somehow dried or cured. It’s finally time to use our flash dryer. Then the garment should be quality checked and washed if necessary. After that, the item is ready to go!

What is a Flash Dryer and Why Do I Need One?

Before we explore different screen printing flash dryers, we need to make sure we understand what this valuable piece of equipment is for, and why it’s a good idea to invest in one. 

A flash dryer is a machine that uses heat to quickly dry or set the screen print design applied to a t-shirt. The benefit of using a screen printing flash dryer is that the t-shirt design can fully set or cure in a rapid amount of time. This increases your productivity and cuts down on messy printing mistakes that waste your precious materials and resources. Not to mention your time!

So what features make a flash dryer great?

Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Adjust-ability-Is the height adjustable on the machine? Is that important for your process?
  • Portability–Will you need to move the unit from one workshop to another occasionally? Also, do you need wheels or casters to be able to move the unit around the floor easily?
  • Temperature capacity–What kind of heat do you need to fully flash cure your designs?
  • Power source–Can the machine be plugged into a normal, standard wall outlet? Or will special electrical work need to be done to power the machine
  • Wattage–The higher the wattage, the more power the machine packs
  • Drying surface area–How much surface area do you need for your products?
  • Price–How much can you afford to spend on this important piece of equipment?

With these factors in mind, now it’s time to take a look at four of the more popular screen printing flash dryers on the market. Hopefully, this list will help us learn more about the best flash dryer for screen printing.

110V Flash Dryer for Screen Printing by Screen Printing Equipment

18 x 24 Inch Flash Dryer 1800W Adjustable Stand...
2 Reviews
18 x 24 Inch Flash Dryer 1800W Adjustable Stand...*
  • Main Features Foundation is consistent with heating box ,stable, saving-space and overcoming the flaw caused by traditional “十”that easily gets knock and stuck. Easy operation: After well installed, connect the power supply and turn on the switch and then it will work automatically. With four universal wheels, easy move. Sturdy design with powder coated housing to prevent rust. US, Canada Plug standard Easy assembly. with a few bolts you have a flash that's ready to be put to work.
  • As the final equipment in screen printing, flash dryer play an important role. Based on the need of market and development of screen printing, our company R&D this new flash dryer.
  • 1800 Watt Heating Element - It uses a panel with hundreds of wires flowing through it to provide consistent heat throughout the heating area.
  • Rotating and Adjustable Stand.
  • Foundation is consistent with heating box ,stable, saving-space and overcoming the flaw caused by traditional “十”that easily gets knock and stuck.

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  • This adjustable flash dryer allows for adjusting the temperature which is a nice feature.
  • This dryer is easy to assemble and transport.
  • It also has easy to use temperature adjustment buttons and wheels for moving around the work space.
  • The machine is adjustable between 24”-40” and the baking surface area is 18” by 24”.
  • The heating element on this machine is 1800W.

Also made in the USA, it’s a good choice for any t-shirt screen printer looking for a good value. 

110V Flash Dryer for Screen Printing by Screen Printing Auxiliary Equipment

TECHTONGDA 110V Flash Dryer for Screen Printing...
2 Reviews
TECHTONGDA 110V Flash Dryer for Screen Printing...*
  •  It adopts hierarchical (100 levels) temp-adjusting system, just click "+" and "-" to set hierarchical level for realizing accurate temp controlling. (Note: The reading of the controlling panel doesn’t mean the temperature. The larger the number the panel displayed, the higher the temperature will be.)
  •  All chroming-steel structure. Sturdy and artistic design with powder coated housing to prevent rust.
  •  Height is adjustable. Equipped with four universal wheels, easy to move.
  •  High heating efficiency. Six stainless steel heating tubes (500W of each) make the temp increase quickly. The aluminum plate in the back of the tube can reflect heat, which means that the screen can be dried evenly.
  •  Equipped with six 500W far-infrared heating tubes and three switches. Each switch controls 2 tubes whose power is 1000W. Temperature can be adjusted in 3 stages. Easy operation and power—saving..

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This machine has most of the same stats as the model above:

  • Adjustable from 24”-40” and it has a baking surface area of 18” by 24”.
  • Even though the unit is fairly easy to move, some users feel that it can be difficult to rotate the unit when working on a screen print alone.
  • This unit is more powerful at 3000W, almost twice as much power as the previous unit.

Because this machine is working at a higher wattage at 3000W this more powerful machine will cost you more in energy costs to run. Still a great value for the power you’re getting with this machine. 

Vevor 110V Adjustable Flash Dryer for Screen Printing

VEVOR Flash Dryer 18x24Inch Electrical Control Box...
26 Reviews
VEVOR Flash Dryer 18x24Inch Electrical Control Box...*
  • Power:2000w;Baking area:18’’x24’’ (45x60cm)
  • Range of Height between drying box and ground: 24’’-43’’(60.9-109cm)
  • The temperature is over 140 degrees F at distance of 3" below the flash heating element. It can easily cure plastisol ink for silk screen printing
  • Superior design, separated electrical control box will keep the electrical components from 1000F heat in the heating compartment
  • This flash dryer can easily cure plastisol ink for silkscreen printing,widely used in home offices and presses which leading the paper era

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This flash dryer by Vevor gives purchasers a lot of bang for their buck. The Vevor’s stats are similar to its more expensive counterparts. What’s different about Vevor is that they offer this unit in a variety of sizes. Don’t have much room in your shop? You can still get a smaller Vevor unit that’s portable and easy to move out of the way after you’re done printing.

  • It has a standard 18” by 24” baking area
  • It packs 2000W of power. 
  • This unit reaches temperatures over 140 degrees Fahrenheit at 3 inches below the flash heating element. 
  • This machine is great for curing plastisol ink–so if that’s the product you use, this will be a good choice.

This is a budget choice that could work very well if you aren’t ready to make a major investment in a flash dryer.

The 110V Adjustable Flash Dryer for Screen Printing by Iglobalbuy

Iglobalbuy 2000W 18' X 18' Silk Screen Printing...
4 Reviews
Iglobalbuy 2000W 18" X 18" Silk Screen Printing...*
  • This 2000W 10v/60Hz flash dryer is with 18” x 18” large heating area
  • Black powder coated steel welded frame construction for a longe service life with 2 year warranty
  • Adjustable height floor stand from 30" to 48" for different needs
  • 360-degree level swivel head for easy drying and taking out the product
  • Sturdy base with wheels to move wherever you need

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This economical unit compares well to its competitors. The heating surface area isn’t quite as large as some of the other unit’s we’ve reviewed. We did like the easy assembly and it’s one of the more portable units we’ve looked at.

  • This one only has an 18” by 18” drying area.
  • The unit height is highly adjustable from 30” to 48”, and it has a 360-degree swivel head.
  • We have heard a few reports of these units arriving DOA. Returning to Amazon is a breeze these days but it’s still a headache you don’t need.

This one may be a case of “you get what you pay for”. But if cash flow is an issue, this could still be a good addition to your t-shirt studio. 

So which screen printing flash dryer do we pick? 

Our pick is the 110V Flash Dryer for Screen Printing by Screen Printing Auxiliary Equipment. With its powerful wattage at 3000W, this is a powerful little unit at a reasonable price. Users seem to enjoy using the machine, even though there were some minor concerns about rotating the unit when working alone. It doesn’t, however, seem to be a major issue. Between the adjust ability, the wattage and the advanced hierarchical temperature system, this screen printing flash dryer would be a great addition to any t-shirt screen printer’s studio. 

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